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Current Music:Caglar Juan Singletary: Annie Oakley
Subject:It's My Birthday And I'll Do What I Want To
Time:01:31 am
Current Mood:hugh hefner

I'm killing this thing, mostly because I'm kinda over Rachael Leigh Cook and don't like the name anymore (I still have your Rachael kitchen magnet though Kat). I added everyone who still appears to be active so, do what you will in response. Further correspondence can be directed to bukkakecake. Thanks muchly.
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Current Music:Shocking Pinks: Yes! No!
Subject:Xbox Live
Time:11:05 pm
Current Mood:halo kitty
So much to write but I don't wanna. Finally left the military after almost ten years. Left Seattle for the Philippines and South Korea. Came back to California when I realized I wouldn't be able to find a job overseas without finishing my degree first. Started the yawn-fest that is finishing all my gen-ed requirements for my Applied Science in Nuclear Engineering Technologies bachelors. Be done by next summer and will get the fuck out of here (again). Did I mention how much I detest organized education? I have to pay money for this? Fucking vultures.

I live with my two best friends from high school now. One is recently divorced and loaded with cash. The other is a wandering trust-fund baby. Me? I'm just a full-time student and video game player. It gets pretty fucking surreal around here sometimes. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we train with Bas Rutten (legendary MMA dude) at his studio in Thousand Oaks. Hilarity.

Anyways, I'm just posting this to find out who play Halo 3 online, since I've recently been sucked back into the world of online gaming by my brother. My name on there is Mudkip Winger. I herd u liek me. Add me if you want to hear threats of creampied-assholes being shouted to the other team. Online gaming hijinx are so fun.

I'm not that bad

p.s. Guitar Hero 3 might have trumped me putting my world travelling on hold as the biggest disappointment I've encountered this year
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Current Music:Bat For Lashes: Horse And I
Subject:I Usually Just Read The Onion
Time:01:27 am
Current Mood:excelsior!
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From the Seattle Times:
Jews flee homes, take refuge in hotel:
About 45 Yemeni Jews have fled their homes and were taking refuge in a hotel under government protection after receiving threats from Shiite Muslim rebels, one member of the group said Monday.

Dawoud Yosef, 23, said from the hotel that they were accused of sorcery and immoral acts and were told they needed to leave their homes in the northern province of Saada. Yosef was not specific about the threats but said they had fled out of fear for their lives.

Wtf? When did Borat become a Shiite Muslim rebel?

The More You Know: Speaking of Borat, did you know his producer is also the evil king in my favorite music video in the history of the multiverse? (which also contains the most awesome diss of a suitorette ever)

Another thing I read in the paper today: "Brain Bleeding Common During Birth" or something to that affect. I guess it's caused due to the pressure put on the baby's head during vaginal birth. Then I started thinking "Am I smarter than people who were vaginally birthed?" (I came into the world via cesarean, or in a state of the art growth chamber in a top sekrit genetics lab, either/or). Now I'm really curious as to how many left-handed people like myself were delivered via c-section. Where can I get stats for stuff like that?
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Current Music:Calla: Le Gusta El Fuego
Subject:Polysics @ El Corazon
Time:03:51 pm
Current Mood:sank you
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It was fun (even though I hate venues that don't allow photography). The merch dude looked like Jijii from Ichi The Killer. That kind of freaked me out.

Went to some gothed-out art show afterwards. There were people skanking in the Brit-pop room and I was very confused. In the trip-hop room there were some Joanna Newsoms doing what could only be described as interpretive dance on LSD. Man, I should not leave the camera in the car ever again.
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Current Music:Deerhunter: Hazel St.
Subject:Road Trip!
Time:11:09 am
Current Mood:just like honey
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The real neato thing about all this (besides The Jesus & Mary Chain and Jarvis and Damon) is that there is no way this is the final lineup, especially if they're going to keep on with the 5 stage 12 hour days. I heard the pre-sale dudes got their 3-day passes for 225 bucks (after service charges, blah)...which is about what I paid last year for two days. That's not too bad. At least parking is free.

Just like every other year, there's no way I'll be able to catch everyone on my list thanks to lame-o scheduling, but it never hurts to dream, right?

Friday: The Jesus & Mary Chain, Jarvis Cocker, Peeping Tom, El-P, Digitalism

Saturday: Justice, Blonde Redhead, Cornelius, Ghostface, CocoRosie

Sunday: Konono No.1, Explosions In The Sky, Spank Rock, Klaxons, Air

Now I have to start doing research on all these other groups I don't know. There's a surprise every year.
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Current Music:Autolux: Subzero Fun
Subject:35-40 Degree-Incline Driveways Are Dumb
Time:11:13 am
Current Mood:slip'n'slide
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Man, do you know what's worse than not being able to get your car out of the driveway due to snow/ice? Having some 10 year-old mini-Milonakis heckle you while you try to remedy the situation (and his grandma even joins in).

Slippery SlopeCollapse )

Kid: "Does your car go over 100mph?"
Me: (to self: "ohhhhhhhh shit, this kid's ragging on my Prelude") "Ummmm, yes it does, just not in the ice."
Kid: "No it doesn't. It could get up the hill if it did. My grandma's car can get up the hill."
Me: (continuing to chip ice/shovel snow) "..."

(30 minutes later...no real progress)
Kid's Grandma: "Oh dear. You appear to be stuck."
Me: (giving her a "no shit" look) "Ummmm. Yeah. I'll get out eventually."
Kid's Grandma: "Good luck with that!" (hobbles off)
Me: (thinking: "Unhelpful bitch. I hope you have a titanium hip because I'm praying so hard that you slip and fall right now.")

(10 minutes later...I slip and land on directly on my right forearm...ouch...kid laughs...blood pressure abnormal)

(another 30 minutes later...very little progress...blood pressure ridiculous)
Kid: "You should just give up. You're never going to get up the hill."
Me: (trying to figure out if the freezing point of blood is low enough to warrant clocking this kid in the head with a shovel and using the resulting spillage to melt some of this ice...thinking again: can i even swing this shovel hard enough left handed? my right arm is fucked up) "Grown-ups aren't supposed to give up so easily."
Kid: "But you're never going to make it!"
Me: "..."

(about 20 minutes later: great success! free! takes all my willpower to not drive back down the hill and deliver an "in your face" speech to small kid)
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Current Music:Jesu: Conqueror
Subject:2007 Is Not A Prime Number
Time:10:32 am
Current Mood:listfull
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Did people actually do anything this past New Year's? This is only the second time ever that I didn't go out (the first being the time I had to work). I was in California with the 'rents and all my old high school buddies have gotten pretty boring and didn't have anything planned, so I was reduced(?) to staying home with my 18 year old brother and his friends, playing the Wii, eating Little Caesars, and drinking a lot of rum. Reduced(?) is harsh though. I had a blast (and still got drunk). Who wants to be out on amateur night these days anyways.

Wii Love Sexual InnuendoCollapse )

I was going to do another of those year-end music list write-ups. But I think this year I'm just going to list what I liked and not subject the world to any more lenghty and over-the-top analogies.

Favorite Songs:
- Built To Spill: Going Against Your Mind (leaked Mike Jones version): Sorry Girl Talk. Your mashups don't touch this.
- Belong: Remove The Inside: Nobody is allowed to talk about Kevin Shields anymore until he releases something that tops this.
- I Am Spoonbender: Penetrate To Deeper Levels (3. love of the evolved): IAS is to me now what Kraftwerk must have been to The Moms way back when
- Jesu: Star: Justin Broadrick now sounding like Blink-182's Mark Hoppus is one of the oddest things ever (Pitchfork says he sounds like Blake from Jawbreaker but they're dorks)
- Beach House: Apple Orchard: Like being out in the cold and looking in on a happy family sharing a wonderful Xmas dinner. Total unintentional suicide soundtrack.
- Xiu Xiu: Boy Soprano: Child molestation at the video game arcade.
- Lansing-Dreiden: Dethroning The Optimyth: Final boss music for the next Final Fantasy
- Monster Movie: #3: If M83 decided to soundtrack Artax's death scene in The Neverending Story
- MONO & World's End Girlfriend: Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder Refrain: The greatest song Godspeed! and it's 8 million splinter groups never released. They could probably never top this anyways. Imagine if they soundtracked Children Of Men with this? Total cryfest.
- Isis & Aereogramme: Delial: The musical equivalent of the Transformer Devastator, if Devastator was made up of two Constructicons instead of six.
- Herbert: Harmonize: The soundtrack to a desperate housewife teaching her daughter about reverse cowgirl.
- The Black Heart Procession: The Spell: More sad stuff. Like sending a drunk message in a bottle instead of drunk dialing some girl who hurt your feelings, or something.
- Converge: No Heroes: Ever wonder what would happen if you got put in the "Clockwork Orange machine" and they streamed nothing but the Faces Of Death videos?
- Lindstrom: I Feel Space: Remember when raves were everywhere? Ahahaha..haha..ha. I'm getting so old.
- Boris: Farewell: Dear music world: why are only the "heavy" bands trying to bring back shoegaze?

Favorite Albums:
- Does anyone even have the time to listen to full albums anymore in today's download happy ADD age? Srsly.

New Year's Resolutions. Well, I'm already going to do one (quit my job and travel/live abroad for at least a year this coming summer). Another? I guess to actually finish more stuff? I've been keeping these silly lists for the past year of stuff I've actually done and it's probably only half as long as stuff I'm actually in the middle of. I think I'll just put games and books I finished in '06.

- Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (the final 3 hours)
- Riviera: The Promised Land (20 hours)
- Gunstar Super Heroes (4 hours)
- Kingdom Hearts II (42 hours)
- Warioware: Touched (5 hours)
- Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (13 hours)
- Xenosaga: Episode II (the final 2 hours)
- Xenosaga: Episode III (51 hours)
- Final Fantasy XII (92 hours)

- The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier And Clay: Michael Chabon (656 pages)
- The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle: Haruki Murakami (624 pages)
- Microserfs: Douglas Coupland (384 pages)
- All Tomorrow's Parties: William Gibson (339 pages)
- Shadowmarch: Tad Williams (642 pages)
- Women: Charles Bukowski (291 pages)
- Cryptonomicon: Neal Stephenson (1130 pages)
- Ender's Game: Orson Scott Card (324 pages)
- Snowcrash: Neal Stephenson (468 pages)
- JPod: Douglas Copeland (448 pages)
- Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life: Bryan Lee O'Malley (n/a)
- Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: Bryan Lee O'Malley (n/a)
- Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness: Bryan Lee O'Malley (n/a)
- Sons Of The Oak: David Farland (384 pages)

Man, that's so sad. I'm in the middle of Quicksilver, Against The Day, and PopCo though. I'm sure I can finish at least two of those (Quicksilver is so hard to read though)

I guess I went to a bunch of shows last year too? Maybe I can top those this year:
Dead Meadow, Lavender Diamond, Low, Belle & Sebastian, A Whisper In The Noise, Page France, His Name Is Alive, Arab Strap, Band Of Horses, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Section Quartet, Celebration, Rob Dickinson, Platinum Pied Pipers, Lady Sovereign (X2), The Duke Spirit, Animal Collective, Deerhoof, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, TV On The Radio, Sigur Ros, Ladytron, Carl Cox, Eagles Of Death Metal, Depeche Mode, Audio Bullys, Daft Punk, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Metric, Phoenix, Jamie Lidell (X2), Gnarls Barkley, Paul Oakenfold, Digable Planets, Mogwai, Massive Attack, The Go! Team, Steven Seagal (and his blues band), The Black Heart Procession, The Infernal Noise Brigade, p:ano, The Living Jarboe, Sharon Jones And The Dap Kings, The Dead Texan, Darker My Love, Asobi Seksu, Girl Talk, Placebo, The Chromatics, Glass Candy, The Coup

Speaking of shows, VNV Nation is pretty much guaranteed for this year's Coachella. That's going to be some Mercury Rev-level hilarity watching the Hot Topic-clad try to get around and Matrix-dance in the middle of the desert. Oh yeah, we're road-tripping it from Seattle this year. Begin trip planning now plz.
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Current Music:Blonde Redhead: Hated Because Of Great Qualities (pun!)
Subject:I'm Bringing [Drama] Back
Time:05:21 am
Current Mood:johnny drama
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ohohohohohohoho Livejournal. It's been far too long. My life lately has mostly been about video games, work, and sleeping during the day, and shows, boozing, and girls at night. But now I have some authentic IRL drama to report! Oh goody.

This weekend I had to work 11PM-11AM Friday and Saturday night. Fun stuff. Before I leave for work Friday night I decide to check my bank account (since I charged an epic amount of booze to it the night before) and noticed that the $300.00 *installment rent-check from my roomate last month had bounced, so I'm out 300 bucks. Great.

(*mini-background story: since, theoretically, I'm kind of a nice dude, I front the 1200 dollar rent check at the beginning of every month and I let my roomate just pay 300 bucks one half of the month, and 300 bucks the second half...which somehow still doesn't work out for her, more on that later)

I'm staring at the numbers on the monitor and musing to myself "shit, i lost that money, the money i spent last night, the money i just spent on a plane ticket home for New Years, and the money i spent on random xmas gifts...and the landlord still hasn't cashed that 1200 dollar rent check yet...uh oh" (to be on the safe side I was "reduced" (i say that because i seriously do not like owing people...it doesn't fit my personality) to borrowing 300 bucks from a friend and depositing it into my account today).

Bored yet? So on my way out, since I can't reach my roomate on her phone (disconnected!), I decided to leave a "happy note" on the fridge for her. Now from what I recall there was very little in the way of character defamation in the letter, it was mostly along the lines of "your 300 dollar check from last month bounced, blah blah, you still owe me 600 dollars for this month, blah blah, if I had a normal roomate I'd be 900 dollars richer right now, blah blah, I'm going to talk the landlords into me paying them my half every month directly and leaving you to see if you're lucky enough to work out an "installment plan" with them for your half, blah blah, i'm not a big fan of being taken advantage of, blah blah". And it's off to work I go.

But before I forget, here's another juicy background tidbit. I have this other "friend". About two months ago she had to leave her job and her place and was basically homeless and jobless at the time. Since, again, theoretically I'm a nice dude, I say: "Oh no problem. You can just stay at my place (for free!) until January when you can sort out a new roomate situation with your other friend. I'm never home anyways. I don't care."

Okay, so now when I get off of work and check my phone, I have a text from (supposedly the roomate, via the "other" roomate's phone) that reads something along the lines of "you have hurt me deeply, we are through", and then on the internets i have nice comments for all the world to see from the "other" roomate that says "you are a fucking bastard, blah blah, grow the fuck up". Woohoo! That's some next-level shit right there, especially from someone who is staying at my place for free and hadn't even met my real roomate until she started using my couch two months ago. If holding someone accountable for their financial responsibilities is not part of growing up then I guess I really am going to be a motherfucking Toys'R'Us Kid the rest of my life. Sad times.

And the fallout is just beginning. Permabanned from LJ friends list (which makes me cry because now I have no idea what's going on in the roomates' heads, since they won't return my calls or messages). IRL blacklisting (a mutual friend canceling lunch with me today). Man, who else is going to join the bandwagon? Maybe by Monday there'll be enough people for me to fill the cast of the next Bill & Ted movie (featuring Brutus & Cassius, Benedict Arnold, The Rosenburgs, and Judas Iscariot among others).

So I write all of this, in the hopes I'll be flamed by Anonymous, and I'll get to find out if I am indeed batshit-insane in thinking the only thing I've done wrong is telling my roomate to give me my 900 dollars. I mean, the two people in question are much too busy crusading on their drama llamas through town, and cursing my name to any who'll listen, to actually, you know, discuss stuff...so the best I can do now is submit myself to the anonymity of the internets for an explanation...because I know they're watching. LoLzheimers.
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Current Music:Isis & Aereogramme: Delial
Subject:Friends Only
Time:09:14 pm
Current Mood:beads for sale
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Hahaha. Just kidding. The only explanation I could come up with as to why such a friends only banner exists is that someone must really believe that if their journal is open to the public the white man will leave comments and give their computer e-smallpox. What?

Random Picture Time!Collapse )
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Current Music:Genghis Tron: Sing Disorder
Subject:Orlando To Charleston: Flight 7314 (Deep Thoughts)
Time:04:15 am
Current Mood:fanfic
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

"I'll take a Boston Turkey Carver on white." Linda cooed seductively to the man behind the counter, Richard.

"R-r-r-r-right away ma'am!" Richard stammered as he accidently sliced open his finger preparing the sandwhich, a pindrop of red forming in the middle of the mayo. "Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry ma'am. Let me bandage this up and make you another."

As Linda grabbed Richard's finger and ran her tongue up and down the wound she whispered in his ear: "That's okay, I'll take it how it is...Dick."

"Y-y-y-yes ma'am!"

"Dick, I'm staying at the Charleston Marriott, room 312. I hope your shift ends soon enough for you to catch the next flight." And with a wink, Linda left with her sandwhich.

"The next flight to Charleston is in 3 hours, and I don't get off for another 5." Richard mused. "Fuck this, I quit!" and Richard ran downstairs to the ticketing booth...

Taken from the short story: Why Does The Dude Next To Me Reek Of Cheap Cologne And Deli Meat?
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